to many clothes = swap shop


to many clothes , well get your shit together and do something good

Re:Dress /Concern swap shop

Re:Dress have joined forces with Concern Worldwide for the Fastival to help raise €1 million to stop childhood malnutrition. On November 25th, several locations will host Re:Dress swap shops, in conjunction with the Concern Worldwide Fast.

Re:Dress is an amazing company who promote sustainable fashion.  It’s a simple idea – they are asking us to “change more than just our clothes” by attending their swap-shops and giving a bit more consideration to the clothes that you buy and throw away.

Re:Dress help to equip you with all the knowledge you need to make more ethical choices on the shop floor.  Whether you’re wearing, jeans, T-shirt or a gúna deas… it has come a long way through a complicated system to finally get into your wardrobe.  Those jeans you love might be made of cotton picked in Africa, spun in India, made in China, with a zip from Taiwan, rivets from Bangladesh and labels from Europe…. (Phew!)  But at every stage in this system there are examples of environmental, social and economic imbalance.

So, by bringing clothes that might not fit you any more (or perhaps were a present from your generous but clueless aunt!) to a Re:Dress swap shop, you can help to do three things.  You are reducing your impact on the environment, shopping ethically, helping to raise money for a really worthwhile cause and you might also find something that you really like in exchange for your old clothes! What’s not to love?!

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Swap shops for the Concern Fastival will be held in the following locations.

Dublin, Thursday 25th November 5.30pm-7.30pm

Re:Dress HQ, Hatch Street, Dublin 2

Cork, Thursday 25th November 12pm-2pm

Pavilion Bar (off Patrick Street)

Galway, Thursday 25th November  Details TBC